The National Broadcasting Commission has jammed the

Signals of a Pirate Radio claiming to be “Radio Biafra” in most

parts of Lagos. The illegal Radio which broadcasts incendiary

messages is notorious for spewing fake, in”ammatory and

inciting content.

The National Broadcasting Commission Act, CAP N11,

Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 spells out in

chapter 2, subsection 2, that;

No person shall operate or use any apparatus or

premises for the transmission of sound or vision by

cable, television, radio, satellite or any other

medium of broadcast, from anywhere in Nigeria,

except under and in accordance with the provisions

of this Act.

Also, Section 15.4.1 of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code

provides that;

The Police shall prosecute any person engaged in

any form of broadcasting or in possession of any

broadcast equipment or apparatus in the country

without a Licence or Permit for the purpose.

Consequently, the Commission uses this opportunity to warn

the general public that anybody who attempts to operate

broadcasting in Nigeria without legal authorisation of the

National Broadcasting Commission, will be prosecuted and the

equipment, con-scated according to Law

The Department of State Security and the Nigerian Police have

been requested to bring the culprits behind this illegality to


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