By Helen Udoh,Outlook Media ABUJA.

The attention of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has been drawn to a fake list that has gone viral on some social media and other microblogging platforms, purporting to be the official selection list for 75 Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

We wish to clarify that the list which has been published on several social media platforms already, is not only fake but the work of fraudsters. Their aim may be to fleece law-abiding members of the public of their resources.

Consequently, we wish to warn members of the public to steer clear of this fake publication and the publishers of this fake list. Their primary motive is to mislead and defraud members of the public. Hence, anyone dealing with them does so at their own risk.

Please note that the process of selecting members of 75 Regular Course of the Academy is rigorous and thorough, and is still ongoing. When completed, the authentic list will be officially published by the Academy in some national newspapers and on NDA official website:www.nda.edu.ng

Once more, the public is again reminded that the purported list circulating on social media sites is fake. It did not originate from the NDA. Members of the public are therefore warned against dealing with any fraudulent person or persons circulating that list.

Academy Public Relations Officer
15 May 2023

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