Aviation Minister Unveils Nigeria Air.

By Helen Udoh,Outlook Media Abuja.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has fulfilled her promise to Nigerians by unveiling The Nigeria Air before the end of President Buhari’s administration.

The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, Hadi Sirika issued this statement while unveiling the Boeing 737 capacity aircraft yesterday at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport Abuja. He said since the beginning of President’s Buhari’s administration, aircrafts and airlines had doubled in number.

In a press release issued by the Assistant Director, Press and Public Relations Department of the Ministry, Nawani Abdulahad, Sirika said Airline infrastructure was a catalyst for Economic growth and development for any Nation adding that the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace understood the importance of infrastructure for economic growth.

He noted that the Airline was a Limited Liability Company in partnership with Ethiopian airline. It would also serve as a business entity in Nigeria like every other airline in the country.

Aviation Minister while addressing the media at the press conference in the unveiling ceremony said the infrastructure had been missing in the general Aviation on dynamics of the country ; adding that Nigeria need an infrastructure that is equal to the size of dynamics of the Nigerian market for its geography and fortune.

According to Sirika, the economy of Nigeria and the centrality of civil Aviation in the promotion of the economy and value addition to the Nigeria’s GDP is very paramount; noting that it’s the focus of the Government and from the roadmap that was implemented, Aviation had became a fast growing sector of the Nigerian economy.

He further said the Nigeria Air Limited was an entity known to Nigerian laws and the partnership between entrepreneurs in Nigeria and entrepreneurs in the Ethiopia Airline consortium. 

The Chief Commercial Officer, Ethiopian Airline, Lemma Gudeta, today while delivering his notes said the Ethiopian Airline was glad to be part of the historic unveiling of the Nigeria Air and as a foreign company in Africa which had operated for the last 77 years in Aviation, the team was very much pleased to be part of the Nigeria National carrier.

According to him, the Ethiopian airline would be part of the custodian to work on the development of Nigerian Airways and it would surely play a significant role in sharing experiences in the field of Aviation. Also, it will support the economic growth of Nigeria and we will give the level of service that the society deserves.

He assured all that it would be a lasting partnership; which would develop the Nigeria economy and serve the public.

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