Notorious Terrorists Commander Lawal Kwalba Surrenders To Troops In Kaduna.

By Helen Udoh,Outlook Media ABUJA.

In a significant victory for the Nigerian Army counter-terrorism efforts, a notorious terrorist commander known as Lawal Kwalba has surrendered to troops. The suspected terrorists’ commander turned himself in on Thursday, 28 May 2024, following intensified military operations targeting terrorists enclaves in Kaduna State.

The troops’ relentless operational activities have been pivotal in pressuring terrorist factions, leading to Kwalba’s decision to surrender with his fighters . This development marks a crucial step in the ongoing fight against terrorism in Kaduna State and the broader region.

During the surrender, troops recovered two AK-47 rifles, a motorbike, and two magazines loaded with 7.62 mm Special ammunition from the terrorist surrenderee.

Kwalba is currently undergoing thorough profiling at a military facility. This process is expected to provide valuable insights that could aid in dismantling remaining terrorist networks.

The Nigerian Army will continue to demonstrate its commitment to restoring peace and security in the region. The surrender of a high-profile terrorist commander like Lawal Kwalba underscores the effectiveness of the ongoing counter-terrorism operations.

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